Branding Design


February 1, 2022

Character Design, Illustration

Chinese New Year of Tiger

Year of Tiger x Geometric Graphic

The design inspired from the tradition Chinese year of Tiger. Geometric graphics feel like a mountain. As a Chinese saying: ” Go ahead to dangers”. (You know there have tigers but still go into the mountain), but I change to the Year of the Tiger for great luck. Completed this set of mountain service for the Year of Tiger year design.

Malayan Tiger
South China Tiger
Siberian Tiger
White Tiger
Shadow Tiger
Tonny Tiger
Tiger from Winnie the Pooh and friends

Those characters design created with geometric pattern elements.
A set of eight different tiger species, including Siberian tiger, Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, envisioned White Tiger and Shadow Tiger; additional special editions include Cartoon (Winnie the Pooh and friends) Tigger and Breakfast Tony Tiger.

It is this design that wants to make people carry out that this year is the year of the tiger, also want people to understand that tigers are endangered animals and pay more attention to environmental pollution and animal conservation.


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