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June 5, 2023


Best Way Solution Branding Design

Technology Company Branding Design

When technology meets tradition, how does visual design deal with it? During a conversation with the tech consultant’s boss, they said, “Feng Shui masters believe that red and green bring prosperity, so the logo should be red and green!” However, traditionally, red and green have been considered opposite colors on the color wheel, incompatible as fire and water. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use them together. Nevertheless, if the customer deems it necessary, as a designer will do my best to cooperate and use my skills to meet their needs.

Design Concept
Color matching
Colors provide

The design is primarily based on the company name’s letters “B+W.” to complete the logo, the upper corner is matched with droplet-shaped particles. To reflect the technology-related industries, color matching is used to meet the customer’s needs. The color red is mainly used, which conveys vitality and energy while retaining the bright and concise trademark of green. This logo can also be used for various promotional design products. We believe that customer satisfaction is the hallmark of a qualified work. Thank you for your trust!

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